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The Marriage of Sarah & Eytan

Sarah and Eytan Wedding Gallery

Sarah & Eytan’s Wedding Gallery

Captured by the sea in the ancient port city of Caesaria. Amongst the historic Roman, Ottoman and Crusader ruins, we attended the spectacular occasion which was Sarah and Eytan’s wedding.

As you will see within Sarah’s wedding gallery we produce a wide array of long shots which perfectly captured the beauty of the Bride’s dress and Groom’s suit, whilst also capturing a long-close up under the ocherous sunset.

Furthermore, holding a wedding ceremony in Caesaria, allows the photographer to turn the rustic and antiquated ruins into an elegant and sentimental environment.

Therefore, if we were to select our favourite pieces from this collection, they’d be the wide shots of the newlyweds by the Roman viaduct. Moreover, being able to capture the beautiful sunset with the subjects perfectly aligned under the archway, creates the perfect centrepiece for a printed album.

Take a look at some of the photos from Sarah and Eytan’s wedding gallery below. Let us know what you think. If you are looking for a wedding photographer to take care of your event in Israel. Don’t hesitate to get in touch online or by telephone, Skype or Whatsapp (+972 5476 804 62). In addition, if you happen to be in Israel, come and visit our studio on Lillenblum St, 40 (By Rothschild).

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