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When we photographed Matisse and Benjamin’s wedding the first responsibility was to plan and prepare the photoshoot and organise a timescale to ensure the most pivotal memories were captured for the couple.

Furthermore, we were delighted to be able to produce a wide variety of wedding photographs. Firstly, we captured a selection of more personal bridal and bridesmaid photographs before the ceremony. Following from that we would mix in photography and video clips of the Groom and Groomsmen as they prepared for the ceremony.

Once we completed these, we moved onto the event to capture the emotions of the guests and close family and friends. It can be difficult to control a wedding shoot. However, with rigorous planning and “to the minute” project management it becomes easy and less stressful for the bride, groom and their families.

After photographing the ceremony we were able to move forward and focus on the dinner and dancing. Through using a diverse range of filters and editing we were able to capture a variety of live action shots. Some from the band and entertainment, as well as the guests who joined in the celebrations.

To conclude this section of our portfolio, each couple is unique, adhering to different cultures and different traditions. That’s why having a wedding in Israel not only holds it’s spiritual importance. But, we also get the pleasure of witnessing the cultural diversity of the mixed nationalities and cultures that are in existence across the country. From the hills of Jerusalem to the sands of the Negev and the hustle of Tel Aviv & the Sharon region.

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