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It is important to capture every moment. Make your big day special for everyone. Start your new lease of life by recording memories that last a lifetime. David Bar has years of experience managing wedding photoshoots.

Our process involves putting you first. I want to ensure your day is something special, that your friends and family will remember for a lifetime. Simply, get in touch online, let me know your requirements. Not just the location and dates. But, if you have any wedding photo styles and specific preferences, let me know and we’ll will work closely together to ensure your memories pass on for generations.

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Wedding Planning tips

Wedding planning is a pleasurable yet stressful experience. But, you’re looking in the right place, so far you’re off to a great start.

You’ll have to pick dresses, suits, organise the venue, the food and decide who you want to invite. Often the invitations part can be most difficult especially when you’re deciding to get married in Israel from abroad. We’ve attended 100s of the weddings for couples across France and in Israel. Therefore, we’ll provide you with a few helpful tips for planning your wedding and some guidance to help everything run smoothly.

1. Maintain a schedule

Most importantly, make sure that your schedule is flexible and you’re able to fit enough wedding day photographs in. From the photographer’s perspective rushing never provides a positive atmosphere.

It decreases quality and increases stress levels. At David Bar Photography, it is my duty to prepare around a 1-2 hours to obtain the perfect family and group photos (usually it takes 20 minutes per photo once we have everyone together). I spend time getting to know the guests and mingling with your family, helping to create more personal and comfortable wedding shots.

2. Know your venue

Choosing a venue is time-consuming and it can frustrate when you lose out on your favourite. Therefore, make a list of your 10 favourite locations. Then you’ll have the option to choose between your favourites. Whether you’re looking to get married in Caesaria, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Paris or Nice.

Furthermore, when your reviewing venues, from my viewpoint it’s important to ensure there is enough lighting for a continuous flow of shots throughout the ceremony and party. Furthermore, you’ll want to ensure that there’s enough space for group photographs after the ceremony. Although, we can discuss preferred timings and locations when we meet and cement a clear and structured plan for the day.

3. Lighting

Rappelez-vous que sans éclairage, vous n’aurez pas de photos de haute qualité. Par conséquent, le site doit être suffisamment éclairé pour être le plus performant possible. Bien que, je fournirai l’équipement nécessaire afin de certifier le niveau de qualité sur toutes les photographies tout au long de la soirée.

4. Group Photographs

Once you have decided who you’d like to invite, who your Bridesmaids are and who your Groomsmen are. We will need to schedule and decide on the group photographs. I understand that they’ll be requests for more formal photographs on the day; of groups, family members and other couples. However, please understand that the more time allocated to organised group photographs means less time will be allocated to soak in the energy and excitement of the wedding party. The recommendations for the best group photo shots is to have no more than 15 people involved. Furthermore, we usually try to spend up to an hour after the ceremony collating group photographs.

5. The Weather

Israel and parts of France are known for their warmer climates. However, towards the back end of the year, in the winter months, we need to accommodate for the rain. We love to do photoshoots outside, even if there’s light rain. Therefore, if you’re planning a winter wedding a selection of elegant white umbrellas will add a touch of class to the photography. At David bar, we photograph weddings all year round. So, we’ll be able to advise on the best adaptive solutions that suit your wedding date and exact requirements.

6. Dresses and Suits

The most important consideration for any bride is choosing the perfect dress. When you choose yours, obviously elegance and beauty are key features. However, the outfit needs to be comfortable and practical for all weather conditions. We pride ourselves in ensuring everyone is comfortable in photos. So when you’re choosing your outfit. Keep it Glamourous. Keep it comfortable.

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