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Best Wedding Venues in Israel for 2019 Events,

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Villa, Tel Aviv.

In the heart of Tel Aviv, Villa. This is a wedding venue based in Israel, is very easily accessible and will is hidden from the general hustle of Tel Aviv, preserving the private and secluded atmosphere of your event.

This space combines a rich green garden with a modular room to organize various events and adapted to each celebration. A beautiful option to organize your wedding in Israel.

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North of the port of Tel Aviv is Trask, the wedding venue in Israel by the sea. The location is unique and the atmosphere varies for each celebration. Trask allows you to organize your wedding in Israel with the fresh sea air that will delight your guests.

After 10 years of activity, the event complex was renovated in 2014. It accommodates up to 900 guests (up to 1900 for a cocktail reception) and now offers the possibility of organizing your wedding on its roof with a breathtaking view and a spectacular landscape.

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Beya'ar, a wedding hall in Israel, is an ensemble whose structure and surrounding garden have been conceived as a single unit. The structure is transparent, minimalist and neutral. The outdoor area is a natural garden that allows for many variations for your events, depending on the number of guests. Nature itself is the main architecture of this set located, as the name suggests, in the middle of the forest.

Within this extraordinary event hall, Beya'ar, have everyting to organize a traditional wedding in Israel. Adding to the setting is the warm spirit and the intimacy of the nature in Israel.

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Havat Ronit

Havat Ronit, the wedding hall in Israel, is another prestigious wedding venue. With a capacity of 150 to 4000 people, Havat Farm (Ronit Farm Israel) welcomes your guests to beautiful verdant spaces for an equally exceptional wedding in Israel.

Real magic of nature, Havat Ronit hides an amphitheater and a vast lake and gives each celebration a particular character and an unforgettable charm. Every wedding at Havat Ronit, whether intimate or masterful, is a world in itself, unique.

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Avenue, a wedding venue in Israel, is a luxurious resort in central Israel that offers elegant lounges and gardens as well as advanced technology equipment.

A first space will be able to welcome up to 400 guests and a second space until 1200, to you to choose the option adapted to your event in Israel.

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Habeer Shel Saba

Habeer Shel Saba, a wedding venue in Israel, a beautiful complex that retraces the story of the Founder Ya-akov, offers you an intimate way to organize your wedding in Israel. Ideal for celebrating a marriage of charm and poetry, in a light structure and delicate gardens.

Grandfather Ya-akov Kofman climbed from Poland to Israel in 1938. The orchards and vegetable production, watered with the help of the well located on the ground, became the heart of his story which testifies to the connection between a man and his land in a beautiful pioneering spirit.

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Amado, a wedding venue in Herzliya, Israel, was renovated in 2014. They have over 30 years of experience and will help you to celebrate a traditional Jewish wedding in Israel.

Un espace associant deck et pelouse est dédié au cocktail et, quelques marches plus haut, le son agréable du ruissellement de l’eau des fontaines accompagne la cérémonie religieuse du mariage avant d’accéder à la salle de fête située au sommet de l’espace Amado.

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The Alma wedding hall in Israel, is located in the green plain of Sharon, on an area of more than 7000 m2 of elegance and natural beauty. The innovative and prestigious establishment, in a classic modern style, has been created with attention to detail. By its pure lines, this wedding room allows to diversify and emphasize the originality of each event. The complementary decorative elements, in rich and natural materials, create a particularly festive atmosphere.

The wedding hall is surrounded by a large and generous outdoor space, finely paved and lined with lawn, trees and greenery with a mirror effect water feature, which is second to none in Israel. The reflected image varies constantly creating colourful lighting (perfect for unique photographs).

The interior space is suitable for up to 600 people seated (up to 1000 for a cocktail reception). All details have been studied to make an unforgettable experience and give your reception the perfect result.

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